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Pixel Federation Games

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254 MB

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About Train Station 2 Mod APK

Train Station 2 is a unique simulation game for those who love to play with trains in their childhood years. You can easily access this game from the Play Store if you want to play the original version of this game. In this version, you’ll play with the availability of limited resources. Still, you can download the Train Station 2 Mod APK from our site if you want unlimited resources.

You won’t believe you can explore the world by playing this game. You must travel through different countries with your trains to complete your tasks and job when playing this game. During this journey, you’ll see beautiful scenery in different locations on the maps due to the 3D graphics of this game. With the easily useable controls, you’ll understand the whole game in a very short time.

train station 2 mod apk unlimited gems

In this game, you have many trains that you’ll unlock from the shop for specific jobs. You’ll get many rewards when you complete your job with these trains. You can also upgrade your trains with different materials and parts to increase the capacity of trains to deliver luggage.

Gameplay of Train Station 2

When you open the game on your device to play, you’ll see you are fired from your job, and you are looking for a Railway company to get a new job. After a while, you are hired by the company, where you’ll do your job and complete different tasks.

Your job is to deliver Iron, Coal, steel, and many more items to different locations to complete your task. You have to complete the construction of various incomplete bridges and railroads with the help of trains from your station. You must select the item you want to deliver and then click on the dispatch train from the station to do your job.

train station 2 mod apk unlimited money

These trains carry all these items to the determined location which you have selected. You can buy all the trains from the shop to complete your task. In addition, you also have to build your city and expand it by increasing the population of your city. The high population you have in your city more beneficiary for you in terms of storage of various parts, materials, and items.

Furthermore, Some buildings like Unions, Mills, and regions will be unlocked to your levels which you’ll explore later when you play the game. So download the latest version of the train station 2 from our site and have fun.

Production Mills Near Your Station

You’ve Production mils near your station where you’ll make steel, Iron powder, Nails, Saw blades, and other materials you’ll use to complete your tasks. These items also used for the upgrading of your building in the city. 

In addition, Coal and Iron mills are located in your First region. You can collect Iron and Coal by dispatching your trains from your station and then use them in your production process.

Warehouse to Store Materials

As we all know, the warehouse is used to store things and for extra inventory. So you’ll use this warehouse to store all your items, products, and units, which you’ll use later. You can upgrade the capacity of your warehouse, but you need coins and population for this purpose. You can also free up the space in your warehouse by tapping on the items to remove them permanently.

train station 2 mod apk unlimited keys

Unions to Connect Worldwide

You can make new friends in this game from around the globe by forming Unions with them. You’ve to link your game to your social account to make online friends. You can earn many seasonal rewards by cooperating and competing with them. This Union will also help you to expand and build your city smoothly with the help of your Union Friends.

Shop to Buy Buildings, Materials Parts, Dispatchers, and Trains

You can buy buildings from the shop to grow your population. You can also buy other items from the shop that you’ll need for different tasks.

Buildings for Your Population

Buildings are required for your population, like London Apartments, Schools, Church, Plaza, and others. For every region, there are various buildings that you can buy from the shop with gems, money, and material parts. You’ll place these buildings in your city on a free building slot. You can also store them in your inventory for later use if you don’t have a free slot in your city.

Buy and Ride Trains for Your Tasks

As we said, you have Unlimited Keys, Gems, and Gold. So you can unlock many trains as you want by using these Unlimted Resources. The types of trains are classified into four categories Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. which are related to their capacity to carry the units to selected locations.

Material Parts to Upgrade Your Trains

You can buy these material parts from the shop with Gems and Unlimited Coins. You can use these parts to upgrade your trains and increase the capacity of your trains, which helps you to do your job in a short time. The maximum capacity is 60, and the minimum is 4 of these trains. You can also sell your duplicate trains and collect materials needed to upgrade trains.

Dispatchers to Drive Trains

train station 2 mod apk unlimited trains

You can’t drive and deliver the Items to locations without these dispatchers because these dispatchers will drive your trains. Normally you have 3 dispatchers for your trains to drive and transport the items. Still, it’s not enough because in some tasks you have to deliver products in the maximum amount. So you can unlock and add more dispatchers from the shop to do your job on time.

What’s new in the app?

  • You’ll see the Haunted Halloween Event in this new update.
  • Tappable animated objects have been added in all regions.
  • New railway tracks are available in the game.
  • You can upgrade your trains by using different items.

Train Station 2 Mod – Review

Train Station 2 Mod allows you to build your city. You’ve to show your strategies in allocating your trains to perform various tasks. You’ll enjoy with stunning graphics of this game. With all the unlocked features, you can perform well in this game. I hope this game will never disappoint you in every aspect. So, download the latest version of Train Station 2 and share your game experience with us.


No, you can play this game offline because an internet connection is necessary.

The file size of this game is only  254 MB.

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