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Introduction To Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod APK

If you are looking for a mod version of Shadow Fight 2 special edition then stay here because you are at the right place. We are here with the latest version of this game with all modded features. You can use all unlimited resources that are not given in the original version of this game. This game has a massive fan base and millions of people play this game in their daily life.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod APK entertains its users with its intense battle with mighty opponents. With stunning graphics and amazing shadow characters, you’ll also enjoy this game with impressive background fight music. Fight with great Masters and their bodyguards in a variety of maps and modes. You can use different weapons to defeat these Masters, Bosses and other monsters.

shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk unlimited everything and max level

Gameplay of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition 2

The gameplay of this game becomes easy for you as you play more levels, practice your skills, and move in the training mode. You are a shadow warrior and must defeat other warriors in the game. There are two rounds in every battle match, and if both rounds are tied, then the final round will be played to declare a winner.

You can use punch and kick moves to hit other players and use different skills. You can generate combos and critical hits with varying combinations of moves. These moves will attack the player with more power and damage. If you don’t want to lose the battle, you must dodge the other player’s moves and hits.

After winning every battle, you get points and rewards, and your levels will be increased. The news maps and mode will be unlocked, and you will get new skills for the next level. In addition, You can play a variety of ways in this particular edition version, such as old wounds, tournaments, dual, story mode, and others.

Many Challenging Game Modes 

This game has many modes, such as Gates of Shadows, eclipse, tournament, challenges, old wounds, survival, underworld, duel, and Story mode. A few of these modes have been discussed below.


The game has a training mode where you can try your moves and improve your skills. In this mode, a punching bag hangs with a wooden door. You can hit this bag with a punch or kick to check your move and make it better to perform well in the real battle match.


In tournament mode, you’ll play a series of battles. You’ll play different stages in the tournament; the next stage will be unlocked when you conquer the previous stage. The difficulty of these stages also shows in the tournament panel. If you see an impossible stage in the tournament panel, you must improve your skills and moves before playing.

shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk titan

Duel Mode

The duel will be unlocked when you defeat the bodyguards of Lynx. In the duel mode, two shadow warriors fight with each other, that is, you and your enemy. You can select different characters and weapons for this fight from the main menu. This battle will take place in different random locations on the map. This mode will be open after every 4 hours for play.

Old Wounds Mode

This old wounds mode is new in the Shadow Fight two special editions. In the mode, sensei talks about his old enemies and fight experiences to ask you to help him to defeat them. On every map, you’ll see the old wounds, and you’ll play three stages in the old wounds. The last stage will be the most challenging stage in the old wounds, and you have to try hard to help the sensei by winning all the stages.

Survival Mode 

In the survival mode, you must stay alive and survive in all the rounds to get all rewards and bonuses. If you lose any rounds, then your match will end there. After that, you have to start it again. You have to choose your weapons wisely before starting the battles in this mode because you can switch these weapons between the rounds.

Story Mode

In the story mode, you’ll play many matches against disciple fighters. After that, when you defeat all these fighters, then you have to beat their boss in the final game.

shadow fight 2 special edition max level

Wear different types of Armor 

You can wear different armors for the matches that will help you in your defense and lower the attack intensity. These armors will also help you to defeat the opponent and win the round easily. These are helmets, masks and outfits.

Experience Variety of Weapons 

In this game, you can use many weapons and techniques to defeat your enemies. These weapons are powerful, and their skills and power vary from each other. Some weapons you get at a particular level, and some you’ll get after drafting your enemies.

shadow fight 2 special edition max level 52

All Armor and Magic Weapons are Unlocked 

You’ll get all the armor unlocked so you can use any armor for your protection in the battle, such as helm and rob suit. In this version, you also get all the weapons free and unlocked, so you can easily beat your opponents in the match.

shadow fight 2 special edition mod menu

What’s new in the app?

  • Lags and crash issues are fixed now.
  • New heroes are available to play SF2 Special.
  • New weapons are available for fight.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition – Review

So enjoy the unique edition of Shadow Fight with many challenges and different modes. Enjoy every battle with fantastic background music and many soundtracks if you want to add. The developer makes this game special with unique graphics and environment. Use different weapons, moves, perks, and skills to defeat opponents. 

There are strong enemies in every map and mode. Use your skills wisely to defeat them. Test your skills in different tournaments and challenges and kill the bosses to become the master of this game. So download the latest version of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition to fight to show your skills.


Yes, you’ll get unlimited coins and gems in this modded version.

Yes, you’ll get everything unlocked in this mod version.

No, there is no root or license needed to install this game.

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