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Introduction To Silent Castle Mod APK

In Silent Castle Mod APK, you’ll get unlimited money, gems, blood, and all those features that are not available in the original version of the Silent Castle. In both roles of the Soul Reaper and Survivor, you cannot boost your progress in a short time. But having this mode version, you can upgrade and unlock many items in the game.

Furthermore, you will get many rewards whenever you defeat the Soul Reaper and survive till dawn. Play your favorite mode with your favorite character because you get all the characters unlocked in the version.

Silent castle mod apk unlimited money and gems

Gameplay of Silent Castle

The gameplay of this game is very simple if you use some strategy and make the right decision. When you start the game there are two Roles shown on your screen” Survivor and Soul Reaper Role”.You must select one Role and the mode which you want to play in the game, such as Survival,  Endless, and Quest Mode.

When you have chosen the survival role, you’ll go with all the other players into the castle and stay for a while in the corridor. After that, when the countdown starts, you have to find the rooms for sleep before the countdown ends and Soul Reaper comes. Two players cannot go in the same room. So, if you find any other player, leave that room quickly and find a new room for yourself.

When you are sleeping in the room, the gold coins will be produced that will be used to build weapons in the room to kill Soul Reaper. You can also speed up coin production by using this same gold. The Soul Reaper will come at any time to your room door and try to break this door.

You have to upgrade your door and increase its HP to stay till dawn or for the given time. You can also have some props and weapons that you can build in your room to kill the Soul Reaper and increase gold production and power. 

When you are Soul Reap, you can use different types of power to eliminate them from the horror castle. You can increase your level by eliminating them one by one. Your HP will decrease when they attack you, but you can escape from that area and regain your health from the red energy spots placed in the castle. You also have to kill and wipe out all the survivors to win the game.

No Lag Issues and Smooth Gameplay

This game offers 2D graphics and very smooth gameplay to satisfy its users. You’ll also never face any lag issues during the gameplay of the Silent Castle.

Play Different Game Modes

There are different modes in the game that you can play. All these modes are very interesting and scary. You have to do different missions in these modes.

Survival Mode

The levels in this mode are mentioned as night one, night 2, and so on. In this mode, you have to go into the castle and spend the night there till dawn. You must survive on this first night to go to the next level or the next night. There are 18 levels in this mode that you can play after completing the previous one.

Silent castle mod apk all characters unlocked

Endless Mode

In the endless mode, you can stay in the castle as long as you can survive and earn more rewards. So if you want extra rewards in this game, you must try this mode.

Enjoy Multiplayer Mode

You’ll play this game with other players from other countries around the world. All these players will go with you to the horror castle to defeat the soul reaper. All these players have unique characters and powers that will help them to survive and defeat the soul reapers. So you also choose the character wisely before entering the castle, which will help you to defend yourself from elimination.

Props and Weapons

You have to survive for the given time by the soul reapers to eliminate you. The soul reapers are very powerful, and you can’t defeat them without using these props and weapons. There are different types of props that you can use in your rooms to defeat the horror soul reaper that comes at your door. 

You have to click on the plus sign box to use the props and weapons. But to use these props and weapons, you must have to mine coins and power while sleeping in the room to buy these props. You can also increase their gold production and attack power by upgrading them.

Two Different Roles of this Game

We can play this game in either Survivor or Soul Reaper. 

Survival Role

In the Survivor Role, you have to choose the mode in which you want to play. When you select the survivor mode you have to survive by the soul reaper with different tactics and strategies. You can also use different types of powers to hold the soul reaper and defeat them.

Soul Reaper Role

In the Soul Reaper and Hunting Role, you will be the Soul Reaper and catch all the survivors and eat them. You have to accomplish this task in the given time. You can also use different types of powers, like the survivors, to eliminate them.

Different Types of Survivors and Soul Reaper Characters

There are a total of 9 types of different Survivors in this game. All the Survivors Characters have unique skills and powers that you can use to improve your gameplay, such as MIning Expert, Scientist, Student, etc.

Three Soul Reapers are available in this game. They also have different powers and skills which they can use to kill all survivors.

What’s new in the app?

  • All the known bugs are fixed now.
  • Enjoy the game with many new features.
  • New characters are available.

Silent Castle Mod – Review

Enjoy this game with unique and horror gameplay. You have all those premium features that are locked in the original version of this game, and you have to pay to get those features. No more disturbance in the game due to the ads block feature. Realistic and amazing graphics with all characters unlocked to fully enjoy the game. Play many modes with different roles. So don’t wait and download the latest version of the Silent Castle Mod.


Yes, you’ll get unlimited money and gems in this modded version.

You have all the characters unlocked. Unlimited gems, and unlimited money in this game

No, you can’t play the game offline.

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