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Wolffun Pte Ltd

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100 MB

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Introduction To Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK

You have played different action games, but Heroes Strike Offline is a top-rated game with a unique concept. The game is about survival because you’ll secure yourself from others and kill all your enemies to complete the levels. You’ll need premium items to fulfill your requirements, and these elements are not available in the free version. You’ll receive Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK on this platform with unlimited money and gems.

heroes strike offline mod apk unlock all heroes

The game has fascinating features, and everyone wants to play the game with all the luxury items. In this pro version, all skins and heroes are unlocked. Using these skins, you can make your character more unique and attractive. All the people want to play the game without ads, and all ads are removed in this edition. These extra features allow you to freely try all the game elements without any inhibition. Moreover, if you’re a big fan of action games, try Shadow Fight 2 Titan and enjoy unique features.

Gameplay of Heroes Strike Offline

The gameplay of Heroes Strikes Offline is realistic and attractive because the 3D graphics are awe-inspiring. When you open the game, first, you’ll find the battle and choose your favorite team. Make your strategy and define the role of each member for better performance. The game also allows you to add your friends to your team.

You’ll land on the battle through the spaceship, a unique feature, and you’ll not see this type of luxury entry in any other action game. The joystick button will help you to move your character in any direction. All the skills icons are placed on the right side of your device screen, and you can use them to kill your enemies.

Enjoy Different Game Modes

When you play the Heroes Strike Offline, you’ll never get bored. The reason behind this, the game offers multiple modes for the users. Each mode has a different background, and you’ll need different tactics to play anyone. The given modes are 3v3 Superstar, 4v4 Deathmatch, Dual Battle Royale, 4v4 Superstar, Solo Battle Royle, Solo Rise of Kings 4v4 Modern MOBA Tower Distroy, and Battle Royale 12 Players.

heroes strike offline mod apk free shopping

Multiple Advanced Skills

Skills are very essential in the battlefield because these things give you the upper hand on your opponent. If you have more advanced and unique talents, you can perform better against any team. You can use these skills, such as Bullet Storm, Crazy Charge, Deadly Beam, Timer Bomb, Flame Tower, Black Hole, Meteor Slam, Ghost Fade, Invisible, and many more. You can also enhance your skills by killing the opposition and completing the game levels.

Experience Multiplayer PVP Mode

MOBA is an online game mode, and it’s very challenging for all the players. In this online mode, you’ll build your team and assign different tasks to all the team members. Before selecting the players into your, check the player’s abilities and powers. When you have a good team and planning, you can easily win your matches. You’ll require a stable internet connection to play online.

Play With Your Favorite Hero

Heroes play an important role in winning the game because every hero has special abilities and skills. Every character belongs to a different category, such as support and attack. You can choose any player to see the specifications and category of the player according to your team’s requirements. Now, we discuss some specifications of the players, such as batting speed, damage power, health, and many more. Here are the players’ names and their skills.

NameCategoryRangeAttack SpeedDamageHealth

Unlock All Characters or Heroes

Heroes Strike Offline Mod comes up with all heroes, and you’ll need no money to purchase new characters. If we see the original version of the game gives you access to limited characters, and you can unlock legendary characters by completing the challenges.

heroes strike offline mod menu no cooldown

Mod Menu No Cooldown

After downloading the mod version from here, you’ll receive many premium options free of cost. You can open and turn on any options by clicking the mod icon. You’ll see these options in the menu unlimited coins, unlimited gems, club royale activated, and ads removed.

Unlock All Skins

You’ll get unlimited skins when you download the game from our website. Using these skins, you make up your character. You’ll see many pro emoji in this latest version of the game, and you can use anyone. You can also change your character color to give it a premium look.

heroes strike offline mod apk unlimited gems unlock all characters

What’s new in the app?

  • Game performance is improved now.
  • Bugs are fixed.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • You’ll get gift codes in this version.
  • Unlimited gold is available for free shopping.
  • Both online and offline modes are available in Heroes Strike Offline Mod.
  • All weapons are unlocked.
  • All spaceships are unlocked.
  • Cons
  • You’ll need the internet to play the online mode.

Heroes Strike Offline Mod – Feedback

Heroes Strike Offline is the best action game, which is different from all other action games. You’ll enter your battlefield using the spaceship, and it’s a very fantastic feature. The PVP multiplayer mode gives you more entertainment and fun because you’ll enjoy extra elements in online battles. You’ll also need the Internet to buy new items from the shop. Now, download the Heroes Strike Mod APK and get unlimited money, coins, and gems.


Simply, download the modded version of the game from here and collect all heroes.

Yes, you’ll get everything unlocked in this latest version of the game.

There’re six different modes available in the game, and every mode is interesting.

Yes, you’ll receive unlimited money and gems in the game.

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