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Introduction To Pou Mod APK

Pou is a very interesting casual game. This game is all about pet care. In the game, you can feed your pet with different items. But in the free version of the game, some items are unlocked, and you’ll not use all elements to play the game. Therefore, we will provide you with a modded version, Pou Mod APK. In this version, all premium features are unlocked. If you simple games just like this, download UNO Mod APK. This card game is very interesting and easy.

In this game version, you’ll get unlimited money for the free purchase. You can buy different types of food for your pets using this money. All the wallpapers are unlocked in the game. You can set any wallpaper according to your choice. You’ll get unlimited coins in the game, and you can use them to unlock the pets. All the pet costumes are unlocked in the game.

pou mod apk unlimited money and max level

Gameplay of Pou

The gameplay of Pou is unique. You can take care of your pet in the game. Many types of natural food are available in the kitchen. You can feed your pet with pure and quality food. Different types of food are shown on the bottom of your mobile screen, and you can feed your pet by dragging the food. You can also play various games with your pet and delight it. Your pou also plays with other pets in the game.

Every pet needs attention because sometimes your pet is sick, and you don’t know about it. You can see the health icon on top of your screen, and you can check your Pou health by clicking on this icon. Moreover, every person wants an offline game because, in some areas, you face internet issues. This game provides offline gameplay, and you can play the game anywhere without an internet connection.

Design Your Pou

In the game, you can customize your pet with different elements. These items make your pet more beautiful. The following elements are outfits, eye colors, neckwear, eyelashes, eyeliners, eyeshadows, eyeglasses,  masks, mustaches, beards, lipsticks, headbands, wigs, hats, stickers, and shoes. Using all these luxury items, you can give a unique look to your pet.

Feed Your Pet

Food is a basic need for every animal. Without food, no one can live life. In the game, you can feed your pet with many yummy foods. Every item has some special energy. By eating the food, your pet will achieve the max energy level. Different types of foods are available. The food items are eggs, butter, chips, hotdog, pizza, apple, mango, corn, vegetable soup, tuna maki, sardine, ice cream, and drinks.

Interesting Game Room

Many mini-games are available in the Pou Mod. The gameplay of every mini-game is different from the others. These mini-games build your interest in the game and make your experience better. The games are Pou pepper, sky jump, cliff dash, sky hop, water hop, jet Pou, foot swap, food drop, sat tap, color match, match tap, color tap, hill drive, cliff jump, pet walk, star popper, tumble, free fall, cloud pass beach volley and many more.

Play with Your Pou

Every pet wants care and some fun. You can play different games with your Pou and make your pet happy. The games are football, volleyball, bowling, ping pong, tennis, basketball, and beach Balls. Every game has different colors of balls. You can choose any color according to your choice. Ping pong is a very interesting game, and you can play it with your Pou. By playing this game, you can entertain your pet. 

pou mod apk unlocked all

Complete Achievements

You can participate in the challenges and get many things. After completing all the missions, you’ll get food, heal, energize, flowers, and clean. You can also take part in the challenges and get rewards and coins. Using these coins, you can unlock the many new features of the game.

Amazing Graphics and Music

The developer offered 2D graphics in the game. All the outdoors and indoor places are shown beautifully in the game. You’ll enjoy the game graphics with amazing picture effects. The game music is very calm and attractive. You’ll enjoy the peaceful music that improves your game experience at every moment.

pou mod apk free shopping

Play the Game in Different Languages 

The game is available in different languages; you can play it in your favorite language. The given languages are English, Arabic, Chinese, Persian, German, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Catalan, Polish, Hungarian, and Slovak. If you want to change the language, then go to the game settings and change it.

All Wallpapers Unlocked

All wallpapers are unlocked in the game, and you can select any weapons. The following wallpapers are patterns 1, patterns 2, patterns 3, patterns 4, patterns 5, patterns 6, Valentine, and Christmas. Every wallpaper is very beautiful.

Pou Mod Menu

You can download the latest version of the game from here and get many premium elements free of cost. This mod menu will provide you access to all the features. Just click on the mod menu icon and enjoy the unlimited items.

What’s new in the app?

  • Zodiac Pou Stickers have been added.
  • A chocolate scene has been added in the latest version of the game.
  • Pattern 6 wallpapers are included in the new update.
  • New Hat headphones are added.
  • You can see the lovely eyeglasses in the game.
  • You can customize your pet with new shoes.
  • Police outfits and hats are available in the game.
  • New food is added.
  • You can design your pou with new masks.
  • Ice, desert, and volcano scenes are added.
  • Cheaper Outfits and hats are included.

Pros and Cons of Pou

  • Pros
  • You’ll get unlimited food in the game.
  • You can play the game offline
  • All levels are unlocked in this version.
  • You can play with your pet in outside places.
  • You’ll get unlimited energy in the Pou Mod APK.
  • Cons
  • No Cons

Pou Mod – Review

Pou Mod is a very special game for those people who love pets. In the game, you can take care of your pet in different ways. Pou is your alien pet, and you can give proper time to your pet in the game. You can feed and clean them. If you want to enjoy the game, then download the game from our website and enjoy all the game elements free of cost.


Yes, you’ll get all the wallpapers in the game. You can choose your favorite wallpaper and enjoy the game.

Yes, you can play the game offline.

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