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Download Manok Na Pula mod apk Unlimited Money and Eye max level for free 2024.

About Manok Na Pula Mod APK

In the Manok Na Pula Mod APK, you’ll get all the free resources and you can use them to defeat your opponents. In this version, you’ll also enjoy other premium features which are not free in the original version of this game. These features are Max level, Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Chickens, Unlimted Eyes, Magic, Dust, and no ads.

By having all these premium features, you can unlock everything in the game you can’t afford to buy in the original version of this game. The game is full of fun and action with lots of maps, excellent graphics, and multiplayer mode. So, download the latest version of the game and compete with other online players worldwide. It also has some older versions like Manok na pula max level 2021 and max level 2022 but you’ll get the latest version here.

manok na pula mod apk max level

Gameplay of Manok Na Pula

Manok Na Pula’s gameplay is very simple and easy to understand. When you open the game after the installation, you’ll see all the options on your screen to play the game. After that, you’ll select your Chicken from the shop button and then go for a fight with other online players’ Chicken. You just have to click on the tap to start that shows in the middle of your screen to start the fight.

After that, you’ll move to the next step, where you’ll see your winning prediction in battle. The prediction will be based on your chicken attack power, health, and defense. You can also go back and start again if your chances of winning are low.

manok na pula mod apk play offline

In addition, you can also bet on your fighting cock in the battle to earn more money. They’ll ask you about how much of your money you want to bet on the fighting Chicken, all in or half of your money. You should choose your bet wisely, observing the winning prediction if you don’t want to lose your money.

The fight will continue for a few rounds, just attack the right place of the opponent’s Chicken to get an early advantage on them. You get many additional rewards like Magic Dust, eyes, coins, and XP when you win the fight. These XP will help you increase your levels and upgrade your chickens in the Manok Na Pula.

Powerful Chickens for Rooster Fighting

You’ll fight with very strong opponents on the battlefield, so you need to have a chicken either of the same level and power or higher than your enemies. Thirty-five chickens are available for rooster fighting in the Manok Na Pula game. You can unlock any chicken in the game which you want to select for your fight with money and eyes,

Feel free to spend your money and eyes because, in the mod version of Manok Na Pula, you’ll have unlimited money and Dragon eyes that will never end. Furthermore, you can also hatch a chicken’s egg and get a new super-fighting rooster and other mythic rewards.

Upgrade Your Chicken Warriors

You can also upgrade your Chicken’s levels by upgrading their health, defense, and attack power which will be helpful in the fight. Upgrade your birds to the maximum level to beat your enemies in a fight.

Shop to buy Chickens in the Game

You can buy birds and chickens for a fight from the shop according to your needs. You should buy the chickens which would be best for you to win the fight on the battlefield. We can also say it is free shopping because you have unlimited money in the game.

Online Chickens Fights

In the Manok Na Pula, you can enjoy multiplayer gameplay by connecting it with your social accounts and adding friends. You can play with your friends and show your chicken collection to them. You can challenge them on the battlefield, show your Chicken’s power, and knock their chickens out of the ring.

Moreover, there are hundreds of online players playing this game. You can also fight with them, but you must be careful while choosing your birds and Chicken for the fight and select the best one from your collection to show your real power to your opponent.

You must keep in mind while playing online you must have a stable internet connection while fighting in the ring with online players because your slightest mistake leads you to lose the battle.

Manok Na Pula Mod Menu

The mod menu is also available for the game. The mod Menu is an additional feature that you can use in the game. You’ll see different sections for unlimited money, unlimited Dragon Eyes,  unlimited Magic Dust, and Max level in the mod menu. You can use all these features by turning them on from individual sections. You can also hide the mod menu if you don’t want to use it’s up to you whether you want to use it or not.

Manok Na Pula Max level 

As we discussed in the article, you need to play matches to earn XP to level up your level. But in the moded version, you don’t need to play the matches. You can select any location where you want to fight from the place section and start your fight. Because, in this modified version, all the levels are unlocked. So enjoy your game and experience real rooster fighting in the game.

Unlimited Dragon Eyes

Dragon eyes are also used to unlock the chickens that are rare and used to defeat legendary opponents. These types of Chicken can’t be unlocked by using money, so you can use dragon eyes to unlock rare chicken characters in the game. You’ll get unlimited Dragon Eyes in the Manok Na Pula and you can unlock as many chickens as you want.

Unlimited Magic Dust

Magic Dust is a premium feature like unlimited Coins and unlimited Dragon Eyes. The Magic Dust is used to break the eggs that you have hatched normally. The eggs will break after 21 days or more. But by having unlimited Magic Dust, you can break this egg in a very short time. You have to click on the Magic Dust and drag it on the egg to break it and collect many rewards.

manok na pula mod apk unlimited magic dust

What’s new in the app?

  • Super SISIW 3 is available.
  • Manok Na Latolato has been added.
  • Manok Na Hari is back on the game.
  • Get many premium characters by downloading the latest Manok Na Pula edition.

Manok Na Pula Mod – Feedback

At last, we want to tell you that you shouldn’t miss this game if you want to enjoy real Rooster fighting. You can use the premium features in the mod version of Manok Na Pula that you can’t get in the original version of this game. Free Shopping and max level to play many map locations without any restrictions.

Your gameplay will not be banned because of the anti-ban built-in feature in the game. So by playing this, you’ll get familiar with the old traditional game that is very famous in the Philippines. Download the latest version of the Manok Na Pula Mod and enjoy the game.


Yes, you’ll get unlimited money and eye which you can use to unlock all chickens.

The file size of Manok Na Pula Mod Apk is 84 Mb.


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