Top Action Games For Android

We have played many action games, and according to our experience, everyone comes with different features. Some games are survival-based, and others are winning-based. We know different people like different games, and we have collected the survey from 100 people. On this basis, we have picked the five top action games for Android users. Here is the list of the games, and you can also suggest more action games.

Top Action Games For Android

Stick War Legacy

Stick War Legacy is a very impressive action game, and you’ll see many unique features. The game has a high rating score on the Google Play Store, and 10 million Android users download it. The visuals and soundtrack of Stick War Legacy are amazing. The game comes with multiple modes, and you can play the game offline or online. You’ll see hundreds of weapons and skills in the game, and you can use them according to your requirements. The main is to secure your kingdom from enemies using different elements.

Stick War Legacy

Features of Stick War Legacy

  • You can play different modes such as classic, zombies, endless dead zombies, and tournament.
  • You can design the character using skins, weapons, armor, and other items.
  • The new mission is released every Friday.
  • You can enjoy improved unit formation in the game.
  • Three different game levels such as normal, hard, and insane.

Free Fire

Free Fire is a multiplayer warfare game, and millions of players play it. The game has many advanced modes, and all the modes are different. This is the best survival shooter game that I have played, and we have learned new fighting types by playing it. The game has many unique characters; you can customize them with different costumes and skins. The graphics of Free Fire are awe-inspiring, and you can easily see everything in the game.


Features of Free Fire

  • Easy and smooth game controls.
  • Enjoy the NextTerra 2.0 with premium features.
  • You’ll see many new heroes in the game.
  • You can enjoy a unique battle style.
  • In the clash squad, you can buy weapons and manage your economy.

Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends is a very interesting anime action game. You’ll see a famous Dragon Ball Z character in the game. The game has more than 400 heroes, and you can play it with them. You’ll see a smooth character animation feature; you can set animation for your players using it. Goku is the main hero in the game, and it’s famous all over the world because of its cartoon series. You can download this game from our website or Google Play Store.


Features of Dragon Ball Legends

  • You can play the 1v1 online battle.
  • Unique RPG storyline.
  • You can perform different skills through the skills cards.
  • Enjoy the real PVP battle with the global players.
  • Easy and simple game controls.

Mobile Legends

In this modern era, people love to play action games, and Mobile Legends is one of the top-rated games. You can make your Ml team with different characters and play the game with them. The game developer offers multiplayer battles for the users, and you can play them with world-class players.


Features of Mobile Legends

  • You can play 5v5 online battle.
  • The offline mode is available.
  • You’ll need teamwork and a plan to play the game.
  • You can play 10-minute matches against other players.
  • Fight for your country and secure it from outsiders.

Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D is a blocky graphics action game, and it is very famous all over the world. The game has more than ten entertaining modes, and every mode has unique gameplay. You can enjoy 100+ beautiful locations in the game, and you can customize maps according to your preference. The game has plenty of weapons, skins, and mini-games. You can play these short games to explore the game in a better way.

Pixel Gun 3D

Features of Pixel Gun

  • Pixel Gun 3D comes with a unique clan wars system.
  • Hundreds of advanced weapons are available.
  • You can play the Zombie Survival Campaign.
  • 10+ entertaining shooting and mini-games.
  • You can play the game without wifi.

Final Review – Top Action Games For Android

We have played all five games and all these are very amazing. You can enjoy different types of features in every game and our favorite one is Dragon Ball Legends becuase we love the anime characters. You can also share your feedback about your thoughts via comments section. Now, test all the these actions games and learn more about them.

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