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Introduction to Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK

Shadow 3 is a sequel to the Shadow Fight series, and you can enjoy more new shadow characters in the game. The game is amazing because of its fantastic 3D graphics that you haven’t experienced in Shadow Fight 2. When you install this game from the Play Store, you’ll face some limitations. So, at Apktoly, you can download Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK with all premium features.

shadow fight 3 mod apk unlimited everything and max level

The main pro specifications of the game are unlimited money, coins, boosters, and shadow energy. These things give you extra benefits because all these items are not available in the free version. We know weapons play an essential role in every action game, and this mod version allows you all premium weapons that will be more helpful for you on the battlefield. Moreover, you can also equip your shadow characters with protection shields and other useful items to protect you from the high damage.

Gameplay of Shadow Fight 3

The storyline of this game is amazing, and you’ll enjoy more new features that you haven’t seen in the older version. When you first open the game, Serge will guide you on everything about the gameplay. You can also learn about the game from the book section that shows on the top left side of the screen. The game has 3 rounds, and if you win 2 rounds consecutively, you’ll win the battle. If you want to win more wars, practice offline and try all your skills before going to the online fight.

Now, I will tell you about the game controls and explain everything about it. You can see the joystick button is available on the left side of your screen, and using this, you can move in any direction to attack your opponent. On the other hand, you’ll see multiple skills icons that are very helpful for quick damage attacks. If you use your skills perfectly, you’ll beat your opposition more quickly. You can also customize your controls from the game settings.

Furthermore, you’ll see three different categories of players in the game, and every type of player has some special moves and abilities. Each player has its rare weapons and powers. The fighting styles of every character are unique from others. You can join your favorite category and prove yourself better than others.

Fighting Mechanics

You may have played many ninja fighting games before, but the fighting mechanics of Shadow Fight 3 are best as compared to any other action game. You’ll fight with other ninja players using your martial arts skills and strategy to attack and defend. So, plan your attacks in a way that causes maximum damage to your opponent. Most damaging attacks include headshots and combos.

shadow fight 3 unlimited gems and shadow energy

Build Your Own Character

You can create your own character or fighter and name him with your name. In this way, you can have the feeling that you are actually fighting in real life. You’ll be able to change the style and look of your character by unlocking the items as you progress in the game. You can wear different kinds of war armor and equip him with many historical weapons like swords, axes, helms, spears, etc. 

Interesting RPG Storyline

Shadow Fight 3 Mod has a very engaging and interesting storyline, which continues after the end of the Shadow Fight 2 story. In this story, you’ll play the role of a hero who is a fictional character fighting a war. You’ve to use your shadow energy to serve humanity. The storyline revolves around the conflict between three territories: Legion, Herald, and Dynasty.

Unique Fighting Styles

The three territories of the game have their own fighting styles and tactics for the war. Your fighting style depends on the territory you belong to. You can learn the fighting and controls by playing different chapters and also from training mode. You can also combine all the 3 fighting styles and make your own unique style to fight. 

Multiple Battlegrounds

You’ll fight on different maps and battlegrounds in Shadow Fight 3. The map includes all the locations of all the territories where battles will be fought. You’ll have to win all the battles to have your flag on a specific territory. It will not be easy because as you progress through new chapters, your enemies will also become stronger. You have to equip your fighter with the latest available weapons. 

sf3 mod apk

Powerful Ninja Enemies

What is the purpose of a fight if you don’t have a strong enemy? Shadow Fight 3 takes care of it. You’ll fight many powerful opponents who know ninja techniques, and it’ll not be an easy task to defeat them. You have to plan your strategy and move wisely to defend their attacks and attack them at the correct time so that they should face huge damage in energy. 

Diverse Game Modes

Shadow Fight 3 has multiple game modes: Chapters, Duels, Events, Missions, etc. Each game mode contains different types of challenges and fights that you have to win to earn rewards. The variety of challenges in each game mode makes this game versatile. Moreover, you’ll be able to try different modes if you get bored by playing the same mode. 

Upgrade Equipment

You can go to the Equipment area from the main menu. Here, you’ll find multiple pieces of equipment that you’ve unlocked and won by winning different battles. You can equip your fighter with the latest equipment like armor, swords, spears, etc. You can also increase the power and efficiency of this equipment by spending some shadow energy from your wallet. 

shadow fight 3 unlimited money

Train your Player

This is the practice mode of Shadow Fight 3. Here, you can train your player to use different weapons and learn new fighting skills because this is not the original fight. You can also learn how to use controls by playing in this mode. Train your player to hit a combo so that you can make maximum injuries to your opponents in original fighting modes.

What’s new in the app?

  • Various bugs are fixed.
  • You’ll get new heroes with advanced weapons.
  • New fighting styles are available.

SF3 3 Mod APK – Review

I have played all games of the Shadow Fight series, but Shadow Fight 3 is top of the list because of its unique features and graphics. The game gives you more fun and entertainment, and you can play it with your colleagues. The soundtrack of the game is very unique and attractive. If you want to experience all these features, download the Shadow Fight 3 Mod from our website. 


Is any OBB file available for the game?

No, you can download the game file from the given button and enjoy the game.

Will I get unlimited gems and shadow energy in Shadow Fight 3 Mod?

Yes, you’ll get unlimited everything things after downloading the game file from here.

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