Rich Inc Mod APK v1.27.2 Unlimited Money, Gems, Menu


Rich Inc is a great game for those people who want to build their business empire and explore it all over the world. Every person has a dream to become a billionaire and enjoy a luxury lifestyle to make themselves more happy. You can fulfill all your dreams by playing this game, but you’ll need a premium edition to get all the game features because, in the original version, you’ll get limited items. So, we will provide a mod version of this game, which is Rich Inc Mod APK, and you’ll receive everything unlocked in the game.

rich inc business mod apk

The game is similar to the concept of Idle Office Tycoon Mod APK, and you can also build your own world in this game. Rich Inc Business Mod APK has an interesting storyline because this game gives you more lessons about real life. In the struggling days, no one helps you to improve your life. Still, when you achieve money and a good position in society, then everyone wants friendship with you. Moreover, in this mod edition, you’ll get unlimited money and gems for free purchases in the game, and you can buy your favorite cars and houses.

About Rich Inc APK

The game was developed by IDSIGames, and it has 4.3 positive ratings on Google Play Store. Rich Inc teaches you how to start a career and grow your starter business because some people start the business but do not run it perfectly according to the rules. In the game, you’ll start your profession from the bottom and improve your position in the market to compete with the competitors. You can learn many things from your competitors and implement these strategies in your business. 

Rich Inc MOD APK Unlocked everything

In the game, you’ll start your journey from a poor man to a billionaire, and at the start of your journey, you’ll face many hurdles to earn money. You can make friends and girlfriends to enjoy life and learn different things from them. Your main goal in Rich Inc is to make more profits for your business and establish a great empire. You can design your character’s personality according to your choice, and you can design them with different expensive outfits.

Original vs. Mod Comparison

Finite MoneyUnlimited Money
No GemsUnlimited Gems in Rich Inc Mod APK
No CostumesAll Costumes Unlocked
Many AdsZero Ads
Few Cars All Cars Unlocked

How to Download and Install Rich Inc Mod APK?

You can download this game by following these steps. 

  1. Click on the download button to download the game.
  2. After the download is complete, click on the file name.
  3. Give permission to unknown sources to install the game.
  4. When the installation process is complete, you can play the game.


  • Free to download the latest version of Rich Inc Mod APK.
  • All cars are unlocked.
  • You’ll get unlimited money for free purchases.
  • All characters are unlocked.

Gameplay of Rich Inc

The game developer guides you about each and everything about the game, and you can also take some lessons from the game. The gameplay is simple and easy, and you can first search for a job to fulfill your basic needs and buy a medium-range home for your living. When your basic requirements are fulfilled, then you’ll move further for a better opportunity. The game developer also offers different business plans, and you can take any plan to start your business. You’ll need employees for your company and can hire them for different departments.

Moreover, when you establish your company, you can buy luxury homes, cars, ships and airplanes to change your lifestyle. You can explore your company all over the world and make a good position in the market. If you want to enjoy these types of features, then download the game and enjoy them.

My Gameplay Experience of Rich Inc Mod APK

I have seen many unique features in the Rich Inc Mod APK that I have never seen in other simulation games. I have created my own empire and ruled it according to my own style and started different companies to get more money. You can eat different types of healthy food in the game to make yourself more healthy. If you like the storyline of this game, then move to the download button and download it.

Features of Rich Inc

Build Your Own Empire

In Rich Inc you can build your own land where you create different buildings for your business. You’ll start from scratch and work hard to achieve your goal because, first, you’ll earn money to purchase new accessories. You can use these accessories to grow your business and make more profit.

Wide Collection of Cars and Trucks

You’ll see luxury car brands in the game, and you can add any car to your collection. You can improve your lifestyle in society by using these expensive cars because branded things always increase your standard values. You’ll also see different trucks and tankers in this game, and you can use them for your business to move inventory from one place to another.

Rich Inc MOD APK Unlimited money and gems

Buy Expensive Homes

You’ll see various luxury homes in the game, and you can buy your dream home. The given houses are Penthouses in New York, Dorms, Studio Apartments, Motel Room, Mid-Range Apartments, Huge House Downtown, Duplex, Cottage, Castle, Suburban House, Private Hotel, Private Island and many more. You can also customize your accommodations with multiple items.

Start Your Career

This game gives you an idea of how to empower the young generation, and you’ll start your job to fulfill your basic needs. When you achieve your necessary demands, then you can switch to a better job. You can obtain your extra needs using this job because you’ll get a handsome salary from this. When you start your own business, you can also hire employees and give them a good salary to get better performance.

Educate Yourself Through Courses

The Rich Inc provides you an opportunity to educate yourself using different courses because if you want to grow more, then these are best for you. The following courses are driving lessons, constitution courses, friendship with the boss, engineering courses, sales manager courses, business training, law courses, probability courses, and P.H.D. Using these studies, you explore your knowledge in different departments. You can also learn these types of activities in Toca Boca Mod APK.

Take Care of Your Health and Happiness

We know everybody wants a good and healthy life, and you can take it by using the money. The health status shows on the top right side of your screen, and you can check your health using it. A good night’s sleep is most important for good health, and also, get up early for the jogging to fit yourself. Vitamins are very important for pro-development growth and a healthy body, and you’ll get different types of vitamins in the game.

Rich inc mod apk free shopping

Design Your Character

You’ll see different types and characters in the game, and you can select anyone to play the game. You can customize your character with different outfits and make yourself more attractive and stylish. In the wardrobe option, you’ll see many player design options, and you can use them according to your choice.

Play Mini-Games

You’ll see three unique mini-games in Rich Inc APK, and you can play any game to earn money. The given games are slots, money rain, and find girls. All these mini-games are very enjoyable, and you can take part in any game. In finding a girl, you’ll receive many beautiful ladies, and you can hire them for different purposes.

Challenges and Events

Various events and challenges are available in this latest version of the game, and you can participate in any event to get money and rewards. If you want to buy premium items of the game without investing any money, then these opportunities are best for you because you’ll get many expensive items free of cost.

Make Friendship

Making a friend is a unique feature of this game because every person wants good friends in their life. You’ll see the make a girlfriend option on the bottom of your screen, and using this, you make relationships with girls. You’ll need a game currency to achieve these objectives, and if you want to achieve this, then buy game cash.

rich inc mod menu

Choose The Best Investment Plan

You’ll see many investment plans in the bank options, and you can pick anyone according to your requirements. These are very helpful for you to start your business and make money from it. You can take different investment plans for different businesses and gain more profits from them. You can also take loans from the bank in critical conditions to run your business.

Various Languages

You’ll see various game languages in Rich Inc APK, and you can select any language from the game settings. The languages are English, Deutsch, Portuguese, Espanol, and many more. When you play the game on your own, then you’ll better understand the game.

Mod Features

Unlimited Money and Gems For Free Shopping

In Rich Inc Mod APK, you’ll get unlimited money and gems for free shopping. You can buy your favorite car using this money and also build your dream house in the game. Using unlimited cash, you can purchase different trucks for your company’s transport system.

Rich Inc Mod Menu

Rich Inc mod menu gives you more benefits in the game, and using this, you can turn on your favortie mode features. In this menu, you’ll get many paid elements free of cost.

No Ads in Rich Inc Mod APK

In the free edition of the game, you’ll face many ads, and you’ll not play the game with full attention. So, in this mod version, all ads are removed, and you can play the game without interruption.

What’s new in the app?

  • Visuals are improved now.
  • Start your adventure with Rich Inc.
  • New clothes and cars are available.
  • All bugs are fixed.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • You’ll not face any ads.
  • Many Mini-Games.
  • You can buy different houses.
  • You’ll get unlimited gems.
  • Multiple game languages in Rich Inc Mod APK.
  • Cons
  • No Cons

App Requirements

  • The required OS is 7.0 and up.
  • 300 MB of free space will be required to play the game.
  • 4 GB RAM is required.
  • You’ll require iOS 12.0 or up.


I love this game because of its unique features, and If you want to try something different must test this game. You’ll start your journey from zero and grow your career through hard work. You can apply for different jobs and constantly focus on your goal to be successful in life. If you like to play this game with unlimited money and a mod menu feature, then click on the above download button and enjoy these premium mod features.


Will I get everything unlocked in Rich Inc Mod APK?

Yes, you’ll receive unlimited everything in the game.

Can I play this game on PC?

Yes, download the emulator and enjoy the game.

Can I play Rich Inc on iOS?

Yes, go to the Apple Store and install the game on your device.

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